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One Night ~ Three Choirs

On May 9th 2004, three leading London Jewish choirs, Kol Rina, Alyth Choral Society and The Topaz Singers, joined together to create a unique night of song. The concert was held in aid of the outreach programme at Kibbutz Eshbal, which helps disadvantaged teenagers from all walks of life and all ethnic backgrounds in Israel. The choirs performed to a packed audience in Alyth Gardens Synagogue on the night of Lag Ba'omer.

The Topaz Singers sang:

Panim El Mul Panim (Face to Face) - Words: Yaakov Gil'ad ; Music: Yehuda Poliker
Mitachat Hashamaim (Under the Sky) - Words: Meir Ariel ; Music: David Broza
Hachayim Yafim (Life Is Beautiful) - Words: Achinoam Nini & Gil Dor ; Music: Bicola piovani
Keshet Levana (A White Rainbow) - Words: Bruria Schweitzer ; Music: Yosef Hadar
Yom Ya'vo (A Day Would Come) - Words: Dan Almagor ; Music: Beni Nagari
Derech Aruka (A Long Way) - Words: Ehud Manor ; Music: Kobi Oshrat
Keshet Levana (A White Rainbow) - Words: Bruria Schweitzer ; Music: Yosef Hadar
Amen - Words: Chamutal Ben-Ze'ev ; Music: Moshe Datz
Laner Velabsamim (For the Candle and Spices) - Words: Rabbi Sa'adia ; Music: Avihu Medina
Ten Li Et Hayom Hazeh (Give me this Day) - Words: Yoram Tahar-Lev ; Music: Gidi Koren / Yigal Bashan

Alyth Choral Society sang:

The Long Day Closes - Words: Henry Chorley ; Music: Arthur Sullivan
My Delight and Thy Delight - Words: Robert Bridges ; Music: Hubert Parry
As Torrents in Summer - Words: Henry Longfellow ; Music: Edward Elgar
Home Sweet Home - Words: John Howard Payne ; Music: Henry Bishop
Autumn Leaves - Words:Jonny Mercer & Geoffrey Parsons; Music: Joseph Kosma Arr. Andrew Carter
Somebody Loves Me - Words: George Gershwin ; Music: George Gershwin
Love Walked In - Words: Ira Gershwin ; Music: George Gershwin
Let's Do It - Words: Cole Porter ; Music: Cole Porter Arr. David Blackwell

Kol Rina sang:

Ashira - Words: Psalm 104; Music: Miki Grahame
Durme - Traditional Ladino Lullaby, Arr. Alice Parker
Ashrei - Words: Psalm 84; Music: Miki Grahame
Shoshanat Yaakov - Words: Purim service; Music: Alicia Ambrose
Av Harachamim - Words: Torah service; Music: Miki Grahame
Ilu - Words: Nishmat prayer; Music: Miriam Margles
Ma Nishtana - Words: Passover Hagaddah; Music: Alicia Ambrose
Haneirot Hallalu - Words: Channukah candle lighting; Music: Alicia Ambrose
Shuva - Words: Isaiah 44; Music: Miki Grahame
Uv'nei - Words: Grace after meals; Music: Mozart, Arr. Miki Grahame
Harofe - Words: Psalms; Music: Alicia Ambrose
L'Chu Naranana - Words: Shabbat service; Music: Alicia Ambrose

The choirs joined forces at the end for a rendition of the Eurovision classic "Halleluya"!

Thanks to all who took part for making the evening such a success!