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Our music

Kol Rina sings a cappella, meaning we use no instrumental accompaniment just voices in close harmony. Most of our songs are our own original compositions, influenced by diverse styles including traditional, gospel, classical, minimalist and pop. The lyrics to many of the songs originate from Jewish liturgy, such as from prayers, psalms and the Tenach (Jewish Bible). Hence we mostly sing in Hebrew, the language of our faith.


Our newest CD is called "Keshoshanah".


Our first CD was entitled "Ashira".


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Sounds from our first CD

Sounds from our second CD

Kol Rina composers

Alicia Ambrose

Alicia has been working on a long-term project with the group, travelling around the Jewish year, and writing a piece for each festival. The texts are taken from prayers or psalms, or belong to rituals that take place during the holiday. She has also been exploring different musical elements to work with in the pieces, including minimalism, classical harmony, modal writing, canon, round, and interlocking effects where any part of the piece can stand alone, or it can be superimposed upon other parts of the piece. She has also experimented with incorporating the original, traditional music of the text, and mixing Ashkenazi and Sephardi styles in some of her music - a blend of East and West.

So far, she has completed pieces for the Festivals of Pesach, Chanukah and Purim, and written several pieces for Shabbat. She is also planning to write music for Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Succot and Shavuot.

Miki Grahame Miki was driven to compose by an enchantment with the words she found in the Jewish prayers and a despair at the lack of musical renditions that do them justice. How many people find themselves sitting in the synagogue, confronting a page of Hebrew words and feel excluded by the language of their ancestors? Music can be a beautiful introduction to the liturgy that is accessible to everyone. In her work, Miki uses melody to convey the meaning and depth of Jewish prayer.