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Kol Rina at Limmud Conference, December 2003

Limmud Choir

Miki and Alicia, together with other members of Kol Rina, directed the Limmud Choir of Conference 2003. During a series of 4 intensive daily sessions, an eager and diverse group of Limmud participants learnt 4 Kol Rina songs; "Ma Nishtana" and "L'chu N'ranana" by Alicia, and "Shuva" and "Av Harachamim" by Miki.

The choir performed at the Limmud Carnival on the last night of Conference  

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Kol Rina performed alongside the multi-talented Billy Jonas on Tuesday 29th. It was Kol Rina's 4th appearance at Limmud Conference, but the first concert for our new members: Anna, Sargam, Lindsey (and guest tenor Dan Jacobs).