Our second album, Keshoshanah, was launched in December 2007, to celebrate the group's tenth anniversary.

Featuring songs written mainly by members of the group, Keshoshanah contains 11 tracks in our trademark mix of styles, from reggae to lullaby. Members of the group perform all the parts - including the instruments - with only their voices.


1. Shalom Aleichem
Hear an excerpt (625k)
Words: Traditional
Music: Alicia Ambrose
Tradition has it that angels follow us back from the synagogue on Friday night to inspect our housekeeping and bless our homes. We greet them with these words: "Peace upon you, angels of peace."
2. Shma Koleinu
Hear an excerpt (460k)
Words: Daily Prayers
Music: Miki Shaw
Solo: Judy Konigshofer
When we ask God for mercy, we are united, and speak as one. We sing "shma koleinu", "hear our voice" to show that our voices have become one voice.
3. L'chu N'ranana Words: Psalm 95
Music: Alicia Ambrose
Solo: Andrew Stitcher
Mock Trumpet: Lindsey Taylor-Gutharz
"L'chu n'ranana", "let us sing joyously" - this Friday night psalm gets us into the Shabbat spirit with its lively rhythm.
4. Adon Olam Words: Mediaeval hymn, Shabbat morning prayers
Music: Alicia Ambrose
Solo: Alicia Ambrose
This hymn contains many of the principles of Jewish belief; it is one of the most famous songs in the prayerbook.
6. Durme Words: Traditional
Music: Traditional, arranged by Alice Parker
Solo: Alicia Ambrose
A lullaby in Ladino, the language of many Sephardi Jews: "Sleep, mother's little son; sleep, with no sadness or sorrow. Hear the words of your mother, the Shema Yisra'el."
7. B'tzeit Yisra'el Words: Psalm 114
Music: Alicia Ambrose
Sung during services of thanksgiving, this syncopated song recalls the miraculous Exodus from Egypt.
8. Y'kum Purkan Words: Prayer for the community, Shabbat morning service
Music: Miki Shaw
This Aramaic prayer is recited in synagogue for the whole community and asks God to bestow blessings of peace, health and long life on us all.
9. Modeh Ani Words: Daily morning prayers
Music: Alicia Ambrose
When we wake in the morning, we express our thanks for the day ahead. This setting of "Modeh Ani", "I am gratefully thankful", with its laid-back refrain, is reminiscent of a breaking dawn.
10. Keshoshanah Words: Song of Songs
Music: Miki Shaw
This wedding favourite has been sung at a number of Kol Rina singers' own marriage ceremonies! "As a lily among the thorns, so is my love among the daughters. As an apple tree among trees of the forest, so is my beloved among the sons."
11. Harofe Words: Psalm 147
Music: Alicia Ambrose
In this reggae-style setting of psalm 147, God is "Harofe", "the healer" of broken hearts.

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Kol Rina are:
Alicia Ambrose (director); Jenny Abelman; Nic Abery; Julian Gilbey; Judy Konigshofer; Daniel Roseman; Andrew Stitcher; Andy Shaw; Miki Shaw; Lindsey Taylor-Gutharz.
Additional vocals by Daniel Eilon.

Heartfelt thanks to:
Belsize Square Synagogue, Andy and Jon, Steven Lindall, Kinneret Maor, Naomi Alderman, and all our families and friends.

Recorded and mixed by: Andy Shaw and Jon Fiber, Shock Productions

Recorded in Belsize Square Synagogue

Group photograph: Steven Lindall

Cover design: Miki Shaw